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Welcome to the Sentient Pest Exclusion Services web site.

We specialize in pesticide free solutions for bird, bat and rodent infestations. At Sentient Pest Exclusion Services we pride ourselves with keeping an open mind and using alternative methods that do not include the use of harmful poisons in order to resolve bird, bat and rodent infestations. Our main priority is to provide a great service that exceeds the expectations of our clients, and do things that most pest control companies WON’T do.

Rodent exclusion is necessary to keep rats and mice out of your home or business. Poisons and trapping only kill rats and mice, it does not prevent new rats from entering your living space. Rodent proofing is the only preventative method which keeps rats and mice from entering your home for good! In addition, rodents can be quite destructive, and the odor from urine and droppings can be quite offensive. Rodents are known forgnawing on electrical wires and chewing through air conditioner ducting! That is why Sentient Pest Exclusion Services offers services that protect your home or business.

Birds and bats can enter your attic space too! If birds or bats find an opening they may turn your attic into a personal resort. Birds nesting in or around your home or business can lead to many different problems. We can evaluate your property and select the proper exclusion techniques to eliminate bird and bats from nesting in/on your home or business. Our bird abatement program consists of the use of netting and products that prevent birds from landing in areas of concern. In addition, we can also clean up the debris and droppings left behind by birds and bats. Contact Sentient Pest Exclusion Services today for all of your exclusion needs!

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